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Our Mission

Cameron Ranch Glamping

Cameron Ranch Glamping is owned and operated by a motherandson team (Teresa and Garrett Brown) who know all too well the importance of connecting with nature. However, the unfortunate reality is that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find time to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally. We’re all guilty of becoming a slave to our jobs, and once you get stuck in a cycle, there’s nothing more challenging than breaking out of it. The next thing you know, your life becomes a blur, and you’re stuck wondering where all the time has gone. This is precisely the problem we realized we could help solve by opening our 11-acre property to help those in need of an escape to reconnect with nature, all with a bit of luxury sprinkled in.

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Recharge your Body and Mind

Taking the time to recharge your body and mind while also absorbing the healing powers of nature is just what the doctor ordered. At Cameron Ranch, we know how detrimental it is for us all to relax with the healing powers of nature to successfully and efficiently recharge our positive energy, so we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into creating everything in the middle of nowhere. Complete with the luxury of modern amenities, tons of entertaining activities to participate in, and countless breathtaking views, all secluded within the mystic allure of the great outdoors. 

We have partnered with Stripe Climate to donate a small percentage of all proceeds to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies. This is one of the ways we help give back to nature, working towards keeping it as pure and beautiful as it’s intended. Additionally, we also help sponsor nature walks, local school events, and various other programs to assist us in carrying out our primary mission, which is bringing people and nature together as a means of healing. 

Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown, a music producer and traveling DJ studying hospitality management at the University of Houston Hilton College, makes up half of the creative mind behind Cameron Ranch Glamping. By combining his passions, he creates unique properties designed to help people relax while catering to their creative desires. He has since received a 5-star level of hospitality and now works full-time at the ranch. When you visit us at Cameron Ranch, you will surely meet Garret, as he is the primary source of contact here alongside his receptionist.

Teresa Brown

 Teresa Brown makes up the other half of the creative mind behind Cameron Ranch Glamping. She’s a licensed counselor and founder of the Houston Attachment and Trauma Center. She has dedicated her life to helping children, adolescents, and their families in their journey of hope and healing. Teresa is excited to bring nature’s wonders and calming healing powers to everyone. While you may not see her during your visit to Cameron Ranch, you will definitely notice her handiwork, as she’s helped design most of the interactions you’ll find during your stay.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our Cameron Ranch family!”

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We Donate And Support Mental Health Awareness (American Foundation For Suicide Prevention And The Jed Foundation) And Sustainability (Stripe Climate)