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When some people think of the middle of the woods, they may think bugs, scary movies, or scary movies with bugs. I think of peace, quiet, and nature all around. I also don’t want to set up my own tent, sweat all night, and find a bucket to do my own call of nature. How can I ever solve this?

Welcome your new favorite buzzword, GLAMPING.

Glamourous + Camping = Glamping

The whole premise behind it is luxury style camping that anyone can enjoy. There are different levels to this from a canvas tent with a nice mattress, small solar setup to a luxurious Tree House with full electric, bathroom, and kitchen. The ability to connect with nature while being comfortable appeals to a crowd that may not necessarily want to find the nearest hole to go #2. Have you ever tried to put up a tent on your own? It can be as hard as taxes with a typewriter.

Being able to connect with nature and be able to stay out longer on the journey will bring in more people year round. It will alleviate any concerns of what may go wrong while camping especially with families. A family of four with no a/c, real bathroom, shower, and more sounds like a party I would want to avoid.

Why is Glamping the new rage?

1. Unique Experiences – Gone are the days of just wanting to stay in the house and not explore what is out in the world. People want to take on new experiences in nature and the glamping short-term rental market is catering to that.

2. Ciities are becoming overcrowded – The pandemic allowed people to really not want to crammed in and thinking of expanding their travel away from people.

3. Unique Structures Advancement – Structures have now become more mind blowing and easier to permit. The unique style of builds has really set up the guests to want to find the most aesthetically pleasing places.

And the main reason…..*drum roll please*

4. SOCIAL MEDIA – Everyone wants the most IG worthy photos and Tiktok popping videos. These types of structures combined with the nature around can lead to some viral moments or just looking cool in front of their friends. This is also a major win for Airbnb hosts that have places that can be tagged shared. Word of mouth is the best advertisement!

So next time you are wondering how you can be next to Mother Nature but not next to a million mosquitoes, look no further than glamping. If you are looking into building a glamping site or find a new way to invest in real estate that is more hands on, look no further than glamping.